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Car detailing in Exeter and the surrounding area

Porsche GT4

Our car detailing options are designed to give your car that extra special attention. As the name implies we work on the detail.  Whether you are looking to sell your car and want to get the best price or it’s a long-term keeper our car detailing options have you covered.

Engine bay detailing can be added to one of our car cleaning options ensuring when you are carrying out user maintenance such as topping up the screen wash you won’t get your clothes and hands covered in oil.

Having your wheels deep cleaned and coated will ensure future cleaning and maintenance is easier and will reduce the likelihood of brake dust sticking and then eating into your expensive alloy wheels.

Just like our valeting services we can bring our car detailing options to your door.

Engine bay clean

Engine Bay Detail

  • Clean all Painted Surfaces

  • Clean all Plastic Surfaces 

  • Rinse Off

  • Apply a Dressing to Plastic Trim


Headlight Restoration Before and After pictures .jpg

Headlight  Restoration

Cloudy Headlights are an MOT fail!  


Replacing a Headlight is an expensive job. But don't worry: there is another way!  With the use of a Machine Polisher and the appropriate Pad and Polish combination I can get your Headlights back to their former glory

£35 Each

£60 Pair

Wheel deep clean

Wheel Deep Clean

  • Remove all Wheels + Spare

  • Deep Clean Wheels & Tyres

  • Polish Wheels

  • Deep Clean Brake Callipers

  • Deep Clean Wheel Arches

  • Refit and Torque Wheel Nuts

  • Apply Tyre Dressing


  • Apply Garage Therapy HADES Wheel Coating to Wheels & Callipers

+ £80

We offer high quality car detailing in Exeter and the surrounding areas.

The above options can be added to one of our Valeting Packages

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