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Classic Car Detailing

Austin Healey Frog Eyed Sprite

- Classic Car Detailing

Preserving your part of Automotive history

Whether you are looking to enter your classic car into the local or national show and want it in concours winning shape or you want your modern classic looking its best for the club run, we have the expertise to ensure we achieve your requirements, whilst preserving your classic car so it looks its best for years to come.


Using safe wash techniques and the best products from companies such as Swissvax, Colourlock and Rupes we can ensure the best results whilst preserving your part of automotive history.  


Our Colourlock products will sympathetically clean, restore and preserve your car’s interior and our Swissvax products will clean and protect its exterior.  If you are looking to restore your cars paintwork our use of Rupes polishers, pads and compounds will ensure the best possible finish whilst removing the minimum amount of paint.  



Sympathetic cleaning techniques and the best products from Swissvax and Colourlock ensure the best possible finish to your pride and joy.
Austin Healey Frog Eyed Sprite Interior
Austin Healey 100M
MGCGT Interior

Does your classic cars engine bay need cleaning? If so, we can do that using minimal water and products ensuring that your engine not only looks its best it will continue to work as it was designed.


We understand that everyone’s requirements and expectation is different when it comes to their classic cars detail so we don’t tie you down to packages, you tell us what you want to achieve and we will give you an estimate to carry out the work. 


We are able to bring all of our classic car detailing services to your door or if you would prefer we can complete the work at our facilities in Exeter.


If you require more information on how we would detail your classic car or want to know more about the products we use, please get in touch.

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