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Our Services

Porsche 911 4s


Our Services

We offer prompt, professional vehicle detailing and valeting services in Exeter. We have 3 customisable valeting options to suit your needs.


Bronze Package

Gold Package

Silver Package

Custom Options

Kevin Rainford

Mobile Valeting Exeter

Comprehensive Detailing Services

Here at Polished South West, we offer a complete car detailing service that includes wheel deep cleaning, engine bay detailing, machine polishing, leather restoration & repair, headlight restoration, and more.

Audi A1 finished of with Soft 99 Fusso Coat
Valeting Options
Austin Healey Frog Eyed Sprite
Classic Car Detailing
Porsche GT4
Detailing Services
Leather repair car seat.jpg
Leather Repair & Restoration
Valeting Packges
Ceramic Coating applied to this Range Rover.jpeg
Garage Therapy Protective Coatings

We use the best tools and equipment from the industries leading manufacturers our products are chosen for both their ability to clean, protect and the effect they have on the environment. We offer machine polishing which will bring up the ultimate finish of your cars paintwork by using the right combination of Polish and Pad, but we are also able to remove paint defects that are stopping your vehicle from looking the best it can. We can restore and repair your leather interior and bring it back to its former glory. We are able to repair tears, holes, and recolour your leather interior.  All of these services will increase the value of your car if you are looking to sell it.



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- Customisable Options -

Our Valeting Packages

We have designed our valeting packages to keep your vehicle in pristine condition all year long. We have different options to suit every need and budget. The main difference in these services is the first and sixth month treatments.  We have again called them Bronze, Silver and Gold and have recommended each one due to the annual mileage that you and your car do.  Each of these services will keep your car looking its best all year and if you want to customise them to suit your individual need then we can do that too.  


Each one of the services starts with our ultimate Gold level Valet ensuring both the exterior and interior are thoroughly cleaned and then protected. We can tailor the above options to suit your requirements.


Contact us to find out more about our valeting packages. 

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