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Garage Therapy Protective Coatings
We offer a number of different options when it comes to protecting your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating applied to this Range Rover.jpeg

As part of our Bronze and Silver Valeting options we apply a spray on Silicon DiOxide (SIO2) coating that helps to keep your car clean and leaves a glossy finish for 4 weeks.  As part of our Gold option we apply a wax which if looked after will offer protection and glossy finish for 8-10 months.

Below are the other options of protection products we offer.  These range from spray on sealants offering 3 months protection to Ceramic Coatings that provide a barrier from the elements and provide protection for your paintwork from minor abrasions such as hedgerows, bird droppings and poor wash techniques. 

Protective Coatings


Ceramic Sealant (CS)
6 Months Protection*

Silicon Dioxide based product which provides a Hydrophobic Glossy and super slick protective coating.  CS protects your vehicle not only from the environmental elements but its slick finish minimises dirt retention making routine washes easier.  Can be added as an upgrade to Bronze & Silver Valeting options as a stand alone sealant or as a topper for your existing ceramic coating.

From £30**

TYPHON 5 Year Coating

TYPHON Ceramic Coating
5 Year Protection*

Typhon Ceramic Coating is the pinnacle of quartz nano coating technology. Typhon is a high solids, ultra-durable, ultra-hard, hydrophobic coating that protects painted surfaces from UV rays, acid rain, salts, chemical agents, bird droppings and provides light scratch resistance.


CHIMERA 1 Year Coating

1 Year Protection*

Chimera is a hydrophobic polymeric coating that can be used as a stand-alone sealant or as a Top Coat to the our ceramic coatings range. Chimera provides a hydrophobic and slick layer that enhances gloss and self cleaning characteristics whilst also increasing chemical protection and water spot resistance.


ORTHRUS PPF Coating.webp

2 Year Protection*

Orthrus is a highly durable and flexible ceramic coating based on the very latest innovations in nano technology for your vehicles Paint Protection Film, Vinyl and Paintwork. Orthrus has been designed to protect vehicle surfaces from three key causes that can degrade visual condition, UV, chemical agents and fine scratches.


CERBERUS 3 Year Coating

CERBURUS Ceramic Coating
3 Year Protection*

Cerberus is a highly durable ceramic coating based on the very latest innovations in Nano technology for your vehicles paintwork. Cerberus has been designed to protect your vehicles paintwork from three key causes that can degrade your vehicles visual condition, UV, chemical agents and fine scratches.


HADES Wheel Coating

HADES Wheel Coating
2 Year Protection*

Hades is a highly resilient and durable hydrophobic ceramic coating for automotive alloy wheels and is based on the very latest Quartz Nano-Coating Technology. When applied, it forms a hard crystalline layer that is extremely resistant to heat and abrasion from brake dust particles but also highly resistant to chemical attack.


* Timescales quoted are based on following manufacturers aftercare guidelines.

** Prices quoted are on top of the preparation work required prior to application.

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