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Machine Polishing 

Machine Polishing

Machine Polishing

Restoring your cars paint back to its former glory

A single stage Machine Polish will remove blemishes such as hedgerow scratches, bird dropping etching, water spotting and other minor blemishes it will leave your paintwork with a deep shine.

We can take it further with multi stage passes where we start with strong cutting compounds and abrasive pad to remove imperfections then going over it again with a finishing compound and pad to leave the perfect finish.

The process to get your vehicle ready for machine polishing we will thoroughly wash and chemically decontaminate the surface prior to clay barring to remove all of the bonded contaminates.

Prior to conducting any machine polishing we carry out a full paint depth survey which we will email to you and answer any questions you may have.
Bird dropping etching
Machine Polish
Oxidised Paint.jpg
Watermark Etching.jpg

We can not list a price here as each job is different.  Please get in touch and we can discuss the condition of your vehicle and what you want to achieve.


We highly recommend that you have some form of protective coating applied after machine polishing, whether that be in the form of a wax or a ceramic coating.  We will happily explain the benefits of either of these.


We are able to bring all our services including machine polishing to your door or if you would prefer we can complete the work at our facilities in Exeter.


If you require more information on which level of machine polishing your car would benefit from or want to know more about the products we use, please get in touch.

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