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Leather Repair & Restoration 

Leather repair car seat.jpg

- Leather Repair & Restoration 

Restoring your Leather Interior back to it's former Glory

We are fully trained COLOURLOCK leather technicians.


 COLOURLOCK is a German company that specialises in all things leather, they work alongside all of the major German car manufacturers so you can be assured that their products are the best in the business


We can repair cuts and holes in leather interior and with our COLOURLOCK ColourScanner Pro obtain a recipe of colours to blend to get the exact colour match for a seamless repair!  Being able to produce the required colour onsite allows us to repair/restore your interior there and then meaning your car can be ready to drive in as little as half a day.

Smaller repairs such as recolouring seat bolsters can be completed in place however larger more complex repairs may mean the removal of the part being repaired.

We can complete full deep cleaning of your leather interior then protect and/or nourish using COLOURLOCK products

Prior to completing any leather repair/restoration work we will inspect the required work and then provide you with a quote for the work involved.



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