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Cloudy Headlights! Can they be Restored?

I have cloudy headlights can they be restored?

I see lots of cars with cloudy oxidised headlights which is caused by exposure to the elements, chemicals from the road and washing.

Whilst there are cosmetic issues, in that it makes any car look scruffy even if the paintwork is

pristine, the main problem with cloudy headlights is a lack of performance such as reduced vision at night or dazzling other motorists, which could ultimately lead to MOT failures.

Plastic headlamps have been used on motor vehicles for 40 years. Ford was the first to introduce them on some US models, but all other companies followed rapidly as they realised, they were safer in an accident, weighed less and allowed more interesting shapes to be created. But they have one drawback. After years of exposure to sun, rain and dirt they become scratched and dulled and may even start to yellow.

New headlights are usually expensive as they are a complete unit, so it makes economic sense to restore them. This is a fairly simple task however it does require some specialist tools such as machine polishers, pads and cutting compound.

If the lights are really cloudy the process will need to start by sanding off the worst of the corrosion and then restoring the clear finish with additional steps such as making use of a less aggressive sand paper followed by a suitable polish and pad.

Once the headlights have been restored to their former glory a UV coating needs to be applied to the lenses to stop the process being quickly reversed.

We offer an inexpensive headlight restoration service which can be offered as a stand-alone service (this usually takes around 60 minutes to complete depending on how corroded the headlights are) or it can be combined with one of our valeting options.

You can see from the photos attached to this article the results that can be achieved.

For more information on pricing click on the link below.

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