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Premium Mobile Detailing Service

Professional vehicle detailing and valeting services in Exeter, Devon.


Polished South West

My name is Kevin.  I have always taken great pride in looking after my cars, but during lockdown I started valeting my neighbours' cars to keep me busy.  The feedback I received was that I should do this for a living so, I decided to take the plunge and Polished South West was born.

From an early age I have had a love of cars. Whilst at school I had a Saturday job training to be a vehicle mechanic. However, my career took a different path when I joined the Royal Marines.  But my love of cars remained and, whilst I may not be able to service a modern car, I can can still get great pride out of transforming its appearance inside and out.

My passion for cars and the satisfaction I get from turning a well-driven car back to its former glory has been the fuel I need to start my business: Polished South West!

Polished South West is a mobile valeting and detailing service.  We can come to you with our fully equipped valeting van or, if you prefer, you can come to us by leaving your car at our Exeter base.  Our mobile service is able to deliver all of our services. Polished South West is a Member of the International Detailing Association. 

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Our Services

We offer comprehensive vehicle detailing and valeting services in Exeter.


Bronze Package

Gold Package

Silver Package

Custom Options

Kevin Rainford

- Customisable Options

Our Services

Audi A1 finished of with Soft 99 Fusso Coat
Valeting Options
Porsche GT4
Detailing Services
Valeting Packages
Austin Healey Frog Eyed Sprite
Classic Car Detailing
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Leather Repair & Restoration
Ceramic Coating applied to this Range Rover.jpeg
Garage Therapy Protective Coatings

We have designed our valeting packages to keep your vehicle in pristine condition all year long. We have different options to suit every need and budget. The Bronze Valeting Option includes pre-wash, wheel and tyre cleaning, hose on ceramic protection, interior vacuuming, glass cleaning, hard surface cleaning, and more. The Silver Valeting Option includes pre-wash, wheel and tyre cleaning, wheel arches cleaning, interior vacuuming, carpet and seat shampooing, glass cleaning, and hard surface cleaning.

We also have a Gold Valeting Option that includes everything that is included in the Bronze and Silver packages. It also includes further enhancement of the paintwork by applying a coat of wax to ensure your car is left looking its absolute best.  The interior is treated to a protective coating which we apply to the seats, carpets, and hard surfaces.


We can tailor the above options to suit your requirements. Contact us now to find out more about our valeting packages.

Audi TT finished off with Soft 99 Fusso Coat

Polished SW delivered a very professional and thorough detailing service. Had the Silver Package and the results exceeded expectations in every way. Also had an Engine Bay Deep Clean on my classic car which really improved it`s appearance. Thank you Kevin for your hard work and sound advice. I have recommended Polished SW to my friends and neighbours.


- Top-Rated Detailing Services

Why Choose Us?




We have undertaken 

industry standard training which included modules on H&S, customer service and environmental considerations.




We have undergone both written and practical examinations, testing us in product knowledge and usage.




We hold insurance that protects you, your vehicle, the general public and ourselves should an issue arise.



Finest Products

We use only the finest car care products and tools from the industry leading manufacturers to detail your car.

We use the latest car care products and tools to enhance your cars appearance we can also treat both the interior and exterior with protective coatings to shed dirt and water to keep it looking spotless longer and make it easier to clean in the future.  We offer 3 valeting options that can be customised to suit your individual requirements. If you have any questions about our valeting packages or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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